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Library of Readings 

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I use many different spreads because I like having the right one for the question or situation being asked about. The goal is to have at least one sample for every spread I use in my Library of Readings.

If you would like to get a free reading, please email me at [email protected]


OwlKaMyst Tarot's Library of Sample Readings 

Contains real readings for real people about real situations and concerns.

Most of the spreads are OwlKaMyst originals and are only found here, some are traditional, well known spreads. 

These readings are presented for your viewing as they will demonstrate OwlKaMyst's reading style and ability.

The spreads from the Book of Owl are the creations 

of Owl Ka Myst reader, Suzanne.

"The Book of Owl" Spreads

Clover 5 cards - New Vision deck

Egg - Projects 7 cards - Pagan Cats deck

Egg - Relationship 7 cards - Fey deck

I Am 5 cards - Dragons deck

I'm So Lost 8 cards - Fey deck

Life Climate 7 cards - Ancestral Path deck

Love Light 6 cards - Ancestral Path deck

Love Light 6 cards - Hidden Folk deck

Past Life Key 22 cards - Waking the Wild Spirit deck

Seeking Sword 6 cards - Fantastical deck

Spiritual Circle 7 cards - Waking the Wild Spirit deck

Whole Self Pyramid 6 cards - Fey deck

TRADITIONAL or 'borrowed' spreads

Elemental 5 cards - Connolly deck

Elemental 5 cards - New Vision deck

Horseshoe 5 cards - Revelations deck

Mystic Pyramid 7 cards - Fairy deck

Other Spreads from "The Book of Owl"  - Samples Pending; Free Readings Available

Alchemy 4 cards

AstroTwist 12 cards + Natal Chart Image

Couple's Connection 11 cards

Couple's Temple 8 cards

Heavy Heart 7 cards

Lovers Star 6 cards

Relationship Discovery 8 cards

Self Balancing 3 cards

Self Discovery 6 cards

Soul Picnic 8 cards

Talisman 1 card + art piece

TRADITIONAL spreads - Samples Pending; Free Readings Available

Body, Mind, Spirit 3 cards

Celtic Cross 10 cards

Zodiac Horoscope 12 cards

Horseshoe 7 cards

Past, Present, Future 3 cards

Personality & Soul Cards 1-2 cards

Year Cards 2 cards

Zodiac Self 2-3 cards

Inquire about a FREE READING....

Email [email protected] expressing your interest in a free reading. We will discuss your issue and see if we can use one of the spreads still available to address your situation/question. If we do not find a proper spread, you have the option of receiving a reading at 30% off regular price.